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...become a BrowFixation® BROW PASSIONISTA!  ​ BrowFixation® offers a brow solution for every prospective client who walks through your door. Our in-depth and fully accredited training course will equip you with all of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to provide an entire eyebrow treatment menu within your beauty business, along with a comprehensive start-up kit from which you will be able to complete a minimum of thirty treatments. Most importantly, the course spans far beyond the duet of face-to-face days to provide you with the competence, confidence and expertise to be the ultimate ‘Brow Passionista’ who is (so much more than) a professional eyebrow stylist, whose  passion for their work enables their dreams to set their soul on fire, using this to fuel their daily living.  ​ Before you attend the three days of dedicated in-class training you will be required to complete important pre-study materials that will be revisited throughout your course; linking theory to practice. These materials have been purposefully designed to effectively prep you with vital elements of theoretical knowledge and understanding that underpin the BrowFixation® training curriculum. Not only does the pre-study allow our face-to-face days to be predominantly practical and hands-on, but it also helps to begin to get you thinking like an eyebrow expert before you even arrive.

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