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Collagen Lift

This treatment tightens, tones and lifts, achieving firm, youthful-looking skin – without the telltale frozen stares and ‘puffed up’ look associated with injectables and fillers. An experienced therapist will perform the treatments by using a ceramic wand that emits radio frequency waves to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin to prevent signs of skin ageing.

Collagen Lift is ideal if you want to tighten and firm skin on your face and body and avoid surgical anti-ageing procedures. The radio frequency technology used for this treatment is highly effective for skin tightening and firming loose or sagging skin.

Some injectables paralyse your muscles to improve the appearance of wrinkles and plump out the skin. With prolonged use, it is thought injectables can cause muscle ‘disuse dystrophy’, weakening the muscles and causing the very issues the treatment is supposed to rectify. However, with Collagen Lift, clients can look forward to the following:

  • Increased muscle tone

  • A more defined jawline

  • Diminished fine lines

This is all thanks to the tightening effect from a natural realignment of the tissues as a result of collagen boosting under the surface of your skin.

Collagen Lift Results

Results from a collagen treatment can be instant. Tightening of the elastin fibres occurs immediately, giving an instantly visible result. Over the medium term, benefit from increased collagen production for up to three months after your course has been completed. Long-term results can last up to two years.

Growing numbers of the rich and famous (including Kylie, Amanda Holden, Kim Kardashian and Mel B) are choosing non-surgical radio frequency technology over traditional, more invasive treatments for a more natural yet VERY effective solution to tackle the signs of ageing and retain a youthful appearance for longer. Collagen Lift ™ harnesses radio frequency technology to deliver great, long-lasting results.

What areas can Collagen Lift treat?

Wave goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, turkey neck and jowls. Collagen Lift can provide you with a tightening, firming and plumping effect without the need for invasive treatments. 

No matter how much your skin has aged already, Collagen Lift is gentle enough to be used around the eyes and on the décolleté as well. So whatever signs of ageing you’re looking to tackle, this is the treatment you’ve been waiting for. 

Collagen Lift is not just a facial treatment and can be used on the body too. Rejuvenating & tightening skin, lifting and sculpting and acting on cellulite. 

Who is Collagen Lift treatment for?

Anyone with a need for skin tightening will benefit from this treatment. Skin usually begins to sag and lose collagen during our late 20’s, and every year; our body will produce about 1% less collagen. The treatment can be performed on any skin colour and skin type.  Collagen Lift ™ uses radio frequency technology to stimulate the production of new collagen and the realignment of elastin fibres deep within the skin, tightening and strengthening the skin and tissue. 

With Collagen Lift ™, it is no longer necessary to go under the knife to lift, refresh and tighten the skin. Zero downtime. Just amazing firm, plump and fresh skin.

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