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Aroma Wax Votive Candle Gift Sets

Aroma Wax Votive Candle Gift Sets

SKU: 366615376135191

Evocate and mood enhancing aroma selections in composite votive sets (set of three candles) burning upto 20 hours each.


Availalbe in ...



A liaison not to be missed!.
Arouse the senses with Wild Fig and Grape. Evoke and inspire the emotions with Sensual & Exotic or simply experience the passionate embrace of sensual sweetness with Relax & Self indulgent.


For those moments of study or reflection.
Warm earthy aromas of Indonesian Patchouli, to gently unwind the senses.
Or the subtle smoothness of French Lavender to lift daily stress and tension.
Fortify concentration of mind with the clear and vitalising aroma of Ylang Ylang.



Create an imaginative frame of mind.
A rich awakening blend of Inspiration & Exhilaration to stimulate and inspire.
Uplift and stimulate the senses with Bay Laurel & Basil.
Or simply enjoy the refreshing and fruity aroma of Fruit Crush.


Frankinsence Amber & Cedarwood


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