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Revitalising Aromatic Serum (No 5) - 25ml

Revitalising Aromatic Serum (No 5) - 25ml

Description: An aromatic treatment serum with a stimulating
blend of essential oils to encourage oxygenation and improved elasticity,
creating a more supple texture for a radiant, revitalised complexion.


Skin type/condition: Ageing skin, ideal for post menopausal skin.


Benefits: Expertly hand blended aromatic oils deeply nourish by boosting circulation and smoothing skin texture.

Anti-oxidant rich oils fight free radicals preserving skin integrity.
Phyto-nurient rich oils supply essential fatty acids to lipid dry skins.


Key ingredients: Rosewood helps promote cellular stimulation.
Jasmine maintains balance in the skin. Nourishing plant oils protect the delicate
balance of moisture and oil levels.


How to use: Gently smooth 3 drops over face and neck. Continue with suitable toner and moisturiser.

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